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Swiss Vice-Champion 3'000m Steeple

(June 2023)

After I crashed in Karlsruhe in a promising position and the competition in Brescia (Italy) was cancelled due to torrential rain, the Swiss Championships in Lausanne were my first 3'000m Steeple competition after 2 years. Accordingly, I started cautiously into the race and was able to reach a good 2nd place after a catch-up in the 2nd half of the race!

Swiss Army's top sports recruit school (October 2022)

Since 31 October, I have been spending 18 weeks at the Swiss Army's top sports recruit school and have been able to benefit from the excellent conditions offered by the Swiss Confederation. I am very grateful and proud of this.


Swiss Indoor Championships

(February 2022)


Straight from endurance training to the Swiss Indoor Championships over 1'500m. The speed was still a little bit missing and I have to learn a little bit the hard way for my first indoor competition. Despite all this, I finished in a good 3rd place!


Sports Promotion Prize 2021

(December 2021)


On 1 December, I was awarded the Basel-Landschaft Sports Promotion Prize 2021 by Cantonal Councillor Monica Gschwind and Cantonal Parliament President Regula Steinemann. It honours me and makes me proud to receive this important prize. I would especially like to thank those who have always supported me and believed in me!

Change of coach - Thank you Fritz!
(November 2021)


I came as a long jumper and you shaped me into one of the best steeplechasers in Switzerland. I had the goal of competing in the Swiss Championships and you took me to the Swiss Elite Championships and the U23 European Championships. My dream of competing at the Olympic Games was so far away and now seems to be a realistic goal for the coming years. Thank you Fritz for your great support!


U23 Swiss Championships, Nottwil

(September 2021)


After a long season with many wonderful moments, it was difficult for me to maintain focus in the past weeks. So it was with mixed feelings that I started at the U23 Swiss Championships, for the first time over 5'000m. In a rather tactical race, I finished a good second in 14:52.18.


U23 European Championships Tallinn, Estonia

(July 2021)


With my time of 8:59.01 I qualified as 31st out of 37 runners for the U23 European Championships in Tallinn. In the pre-run I set myself the goal to run with the leaders for as long as possible, which I finally achieved wonderfully. With a new personal best of 8:44.19 - 15 seconds faster than I have ever run over this distance! - I finished in an excellent 2nd place and qualified directly for the final. With a time of 8:46.62 and an excellent 8th place I confirmed this time in the final run. To be the 8th best U23 Steeplechaser in Europe makes me proud and happy!

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