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You would like to support me on my way to the top and contribute to making my dreams come true. You want to be part of my success story and always be well informed about my path. So get in touch with me and become my patron.

I am grateful for any support, no matter how small, as the various training camps, the trips to the competitions and the overnight stays on site are usually very expensive. If you wish, regardless of the size of your support, I will keep you up to date with short newsletters about my results, training camps and other plans in return.


Thank you for your support!

Be part of my success story!

The way to the top can only be achieved through consistent, persistent, day-to-day pursuit of your goals, without any upward limits. Two daily, often intensive training units and a running quota of over 100 km per week, in addition to physical activity, also require a lot of relaxation, so that an occupation alongside top-class sport is almost impossible. In order to tread this path and to make my dreams come true, I depend on you. With me you are not only supporting an athlete, but a person who, with his positive charisma, represents your company in the best possible way. Thanks to my open and communicative nature, I can inspire people with projects and products and make dreams come true.

If you believe in me and become part of my success story, I too can make my contribution to your success! Support me on my way to make my dreams come true!


If I have piqued your interest, please contact me so that we can talk about our cooperation.

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